2. "... back then I was happy with my Trabbi.
That was good enough for me!"


1. "I'm stressed since 5 in the morning."
2. "When he started crying ... I felt pity for him."
3. "It was in the afternoon, and at night he died.
- Stroke.
He had a good life. - It was correct like that."

He speaks about the wellfare of his wife.

During my stay in Berlin and Munich I drew hundreds of faces
I observed in the train. Many were just studies.
But sometimes I witnessed very personal and touching
situations. Like the young woman above:
She talked about her friend's deadly car accident.
After she hung up she stared outside the window...
feeling 'empty'.

But most of the time people were just tired.
Either because they were in the state of waking up
or exhausted from a full day of work.